find your tribe. love them hard.

A lot of souls flying around me. There it goes, from thousands of them I somehow ended up with the amazing ones. The lovely and caring ones that stick with you no matter what. The ones who understand and appreciate you just the way you are. I took a few deep breaths, a thought of by tribe passed my mind, and my heart started smiling. … Nastavi čitati find your tribe. love them hard.

Where did the love go?

Last time I checked everybody was about love; friends, movies, songs, poems, essays. Well, apparently last time I checked was very long time ago. I was walking down the street today thinking about this. Love is such a beautiful thing. If you ask me the definition of love I couldn’t tell you what it is.. I’d probably say that’s that good feeling that explains nothing … Nastavi čitati Where did the love go?

Before I die – 2018 Bucket List

Six years ago, when I was still in highschool, it was popular to make your own Before I die Facebook albums. I totally forgot I had one until today. I remember searching for photos saying what I want to do before I die and being so excited when I’d finally find them. I was just going through that album, it’s still available on my FB … Nastavi čitati Before I die – 2018 Bucket List

Wire&Tire takes you around the world!

SOLO travel doesn’t have to be THAT SOLO anymore What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when I mention a bicycle? The Netherlands right? Well, this time you got it wrong. Somewhere in the middle of the Balkans there are  cycles that can take you anywhere. Or even better you can take them anywhere. They fit into your pocket or around your neck, … Nastavi čitati Wire&Tire takes you around the world!

Routine vs. Inspiring actions

Routine, that hell of a thing that weakens your body and destroys your spirit. Over the years I tryed to learn how to manage both routine and experiences. There’s no such thing as doing both. Believe me I’ve tried. You get to the point where you’re just stuck in your comfort zone and you’re not planning to get out of it. Then you realize nothing’s … Nastavi čitati Routine vs. Inspiring actions

Eliksir is turning international…

A friend gave me an idea few days ago and I decided to listen to her. Starting now. I created “Intraletters” section where I will post my ENGLISH-written posts. So, unfortunately I won’t be translating the old ones in english because they really wouldn’t make any sence… Instead, I will post some interesting posts about Croatia&Europe and write about things that you haven’t had the … Nastavi čitati Eliksir is turning international…