Sardinia: My place on Earth

Here I am with a postponed post from my latest travel toooo……. SARDINIA! Again. Why again? Wine not? If you know what I mean…

This year I took it to the whole new level of travelling. I tried solo travel for the first time. I’ve never taken a train before, now I did it in Sardinia. By myself. Met a friend on the way. This years trip started in Venice, where I caught a plane to Olbia. From Olbia to Sassari I travelled by train (best experience ever!) and in Sassari my support club (read friends) was waiting for me.

I spent 3 beautiful days in Sassari, watched Cavalcata Sarda again, delivered one soft-skill training for the Exweek crew and had a lot of fun!

This time I had a chance to visit the mesmerising south of Sardinia. I wandered the streets of Pula, caught the sunset from the Cagliari city walls, relaxed in my friend’s amasssing beach villa in Porto Columbu and went enjoying in Cala Cipolla / Chia beach for a day. Also, I found one of my new favourite wines made by local winery called Audarya  ; Nuragus di Cagliari doc. Please do check out their FB and Instagram account, their work and, above all, their wine(s) are breathtaking!


After a short resume of what I did and where I went this time in Sardinia I want to reply to one question that I have been recently asked:

Why Sardinia again and again?

There are places on this Earth that make you feel at home, but make you tremble every time you’re there. Places where you leave pieces of your heart within people you meet there. After those kind of experiences with leaving your heart around, you must return to it. I honestly think Sardinia is THAT place for me. The people that I absolutely love, the language I can marvel in and the scenaries that take my breath away every time. No more words needed.

Don’t forget to check this times vlog: VISIT: Sardinia 2018 #MANUTRAVELS

Also, please do share your magic place on the planet Earth with me and the others! 





The ultimate guide for a summer in CROATIA

Since I’m already writing about travelling there and everywhere, I’ve decided to write a few good tips for those who are travelling to Croatia this or any summer. I saw a lot of people online asking questions about travelling to Croatia so why not help our tourists a bit.

As you probably know I’m a fullblooded Croatian. Originally, I’m from a town called Crikvenica, situated on the Adriatic coast but currently I study in Zagreb, the capital. In my own experience, it’s always good to ask the locals about the directions of your route so let this be your ultimate guide for the summer in Croatia.

Basics of travelling to Croatia

Let’s begin with Croatia being the new TOP summer destination. This means if you’re coming to Croatia in July or August you’re likely gonna meet a lot of tourist all around. Zagreb, the capital, and the coastal Croatia included. Touristic places and a lot of tourist might be your thing, but if not you should also consider visiting this country in pre/post season : May/June or September.

Croatia is the part of European Union since 2013 so we’re not that different from the rest of the EU. Only when it comes to money, and food, and drinks. Our currency is KUNA (KN/HRK) and for 1€ you can get approx. 7,4kn depending on the season.

Travelling to and from Croatia during summer

This Mediterranean country is easily reachable by bus, train or airplane during the summer season. We have 8 airports ( Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka, Osijek and Brač) all over the country but some of them are opened only in summer. Some foreign airports are also very close to Croatian border or have a good connection with some of our towns so that can be an option too (Venice, Treviso, Ljubljana, Beograd, Budapest)…

Coming by train is an option only if you plan on coming to the capital, Zagreb, which is really good connected to the rest of the Europe. Busses go everywhere. But I mean, EVERYWHERE. Travelling inside Croatia is really easy by bus and as it’s a small country it doesn’t take that long, depending on where you’re going. Plus, there is always an option of renting a car.

Booking a place to stay

As I’ve already mentioned, Croatia is packed during July and August and it will be pretty hard to get an appartment/room you wanted if you don’t book in advance. You can do it via tourist agency or via websites with the same purpuse. So, don’t act like a smarthead but book in advance instead!

Croatian people

It’s a bit silly for me to write about me, so I’ve asked some of my foreign friends to write a few words about Croatian people. I will state, though, that we’re occasionally very proud and that a lot of us speak few languages (mostly English, German and Italian – again depending on the region you’re visiting)

“Croatians are really welcoming, however you need to earn their trust and be respectful. They’re proud of their land and their origins (this stuff reminds me a lot of us Sardinian people).  Croatians, just as their land, are tough and they never give up. All this makes them tremendously fascinating, and it makes me want to come back to find out more.” – Nicola, Sardinia, Italy
“I find Croatian people very interesting. They seem physically spanish but with a different languange.  I really like them because in general they are openminded and ready to meet new people. Regarding myself, I had the oportunity to meet 8 people from Croatia and all of them were awesome.” – Alberto, Spain

Food and beverage

Once you come to Croatia you’re gonna have to eat too (huh, you don’t say). Do not, under any circumstances, avoid local cousine/food! Our food is really amassssing and you can choose between plenty of stuff. We, as a nation, are a bit carnivores, but there’s dishes for every taste here! Try eating seasonal and local. During the summer, on the coast there are a lot of local festivals which normally include food. You can find fish in thousand different ways, shells, octopus, squids etc. Taste the country, you won’t regret it. The cousine changes as you move from one part of the country to the other, so be aware of that too!

When it comes to beverages, we Croatians like to drink. Water, wine, beer, name it we drink it! I’ll start with the water : TAP WATER IS PERFECTLY DRINKABLE IN CROATIA! As for the alcohol, we have plenty of good wines, few beers made here and another type of water that deserves special attention : RAKIJA – liquor made of whatever you grow at home basically, it’s the HOLY WATER because it’s normally transparent and kept in the water bottles (eventhough it should be kept in the glass bottle). Be careful with that one, it can trick you easily.

Croatia’s must see’s:

Disclaimer: I assure you there are more places worth seeing, I just doubt I’d manage to mention them all at once!

1. Zadar, Dalmatia


2. Vrbnik, Island Krk


3. Svetvinčenat, Istria


4. Old town Rab, Island Rab


5. National Park Krka, Dalmatia


6. Fjord Zavratnica


7. National Park Sjeverni Velebit

Velebit04 (1)

8. Dubrovnik


9. Zagreb, the capital


10. Motovun, Istria


For those who like partying I’d recommand going to Zrće, Island of Pag, also city of Split in Dalmatia and other towns on the coast!


Looking for a perfect carry on

In ten days I’ll be off to Sardinia again and this time I’m travelling only with my carry on. Which means six days of everything fit into 55x40x20(cm). As I’m super duper freaker when it comes to having over sized luggage for my carry on I’ve decided to get out my old carry on suitcase out of a closet. It’s a completely basic half soft suitcase that fits the dimensions. Definitely not the best option if you travel with it too often.
Few years ago I purchased a beautiful orange turtle suitcase in Carpisa, but unfortunatelly this one doesn’t fit the dimension criteria.  Also, it will be my first time travelling alone so I just want to have everything prepared and avoid any check in problems there might be.

As I realized I’m gonna need a new carry on pretty soon I did some research on it and found this 3 things that I really like:


  • DIMENSION: 36.00X55.00X20.00 (cm)

As I mentioned earlier I’m a big fan of Carpisa products and purchase them every year whether it’s a suitcase, a wallet, a bag or just a simple umbrella. I really like the suitcase’s look, which is simple but yet reminds me of a turtle. The inside is separated into 2 parts which I have on my bigger Carpisa suitcase and fits me just perfectly.

The price goes around 100€ which is not so much when you actually get some kind of insurance for the product.


images (4).jpg

“Designed for one-to-two-day trips, this 29-liter rolling duffel easily transports your essentials and fits in overhead bins.” I found this suitcase online and I really liked how many pocket it has. Please make sure you check the link and read all the features. The size fits carry on dimensions criteria (53 cm x 37 cm x 20 cm) and the price (199€) is pretty much affordable. Also they say there’s a lifetime guarantee and free returns available.



* Any big backpack from their website fits the criteria for carry on (50 x 29 x 29cm – 33L),  you basically just pick the design. I found this one via Instagram and it seemed really well designed in a way that you have a lot of pockets and that somehow whatever you’re carrying on fits into a simple backpack. The price is around 70€, however they charge also shipping depending on where you live. They also have some discount codes circling around the net all the time so there you go.

I hope this was helpful. For possible promo codes follow me on Instagram!


Kako reći NE?

Ja sam jedna od onih što, ma koliko se trudila da bude drugačije, uvijek kaže da na sve. Nekome treba pomoći, Manuela će. Netko nešto ne zna, Manuela će. Daj dubi na glavi, Manuela će. Toliko puta sam bezuspješno probala reći ne da sam zaključila kako u mom žargonu ta riječ očito ni ne postoji. Što nam radi to kada ne znamo reći ne?

Radi nam to da na kraju od tuđih stvari ne znamo kamo sa svojima. Jer lakše je sebi reći ne nego nekom drugom. U protivnom bi nas vjerojatno ubila grižnja savjesti. Lakše nam je osjećati se loše, nego se nositi sa tuđim ubojitim komentarima jer nismo napravili što je po nečijoj volji. Osjećamo se loše, a ne bismo trebali..

Jednog dana kada naučimo reći ne, shvatit ćemo kako nam je život lakši. Kako smo oslobodili svo to tmurno i natrpano vrijeme i napravili mjesta za vlastite ideje i ciljeve. Shvatit ćemo kako je pametniji, ali i zdraviji, izbor bio naučiti reći ne pa neka zanovijetaju, neka pričaju, neka se žale ako hoće svi oko nas. Pala je odluka da zaista ne želim biti nečije sredstvo, želim biti svoje. Doći do svojih stvari, a ne vječito pomagati drugima da dođu do svojih. Kako reći ne i na što misliti prije nego izgovoriš ne?


  1. Sagledajte svoje želje u tom upitu, vidite koristi li to nešto samo drugoj strani ili se i vi možete pronaći u tome. 

Problem sa odbijanjem stvari zbog toga što ih ne želimo raditi je taj što nas cijeli život uče da ne možeš uvijek raditi što želiš. Ne možeš ići tamo samo jer želiš, ne možeš ne ići u školu jer ne želiš. Ne možeš. Međutim, u 90% situacija ipak možeš napraviti onako kako želiš i kad ti to želiš pa tako i jednostavno reći ne. Što se koristi tiče, raditi stvari iz koristi, a bez ikakve želje po meni nema smisla, ali ima ljudi koji mogu tako funkcionirati i to potpunosti poštujem, stoga ako nemaš koristi, a ni želje reci ne.

2.  Pronađite lijep način za reći ne, a ako osoba ne pristaje na ne pronađite samo način.

Uvijek je bolje ono što govorimo reći na lijep način. Mi sami volimo kada se s nama lijepo razgovara, pa bi se tako trebali ponašati i prema drugima. Umjesto izgovora iskoristite svoje osjećaje u momentu kada govorite ne. Kažite točno zašto ne osjećate da bi to nešto trebali napraviti.

U slučaju da druga strana ne zna prihvatiti ne, zaj**** lijep način i jednostavno kažite ne. Nitko ne upravlja sa vama. Sebe ćete spasiti onoga što ne želite, a drugu osobu ćete spasiti same sebe kada uvidi da jednostavno mora naučiti prihvatiti kada joj netko kaže ne.

3. Ukoliko želite biti od onih što znaju reći ne, morate znati i prihvatiti kada vam netko kaže isto bez nekih hard feelingsa

Ako želite da vas netko poštuje i da poštujete, u konačnici, sami sebe pravila koja postavljate moraju biti obostrana. Ako ti kažeš ne, moraš dozvoliti i drugoj strani istu mogućnost.

Eh, sad kad smo ustanovili neki recept kako reći ne, bilo bi uredu početi to i primjenjivati, jel?

Neke promjene se ne donose lako, to mi je jasno, ali zbilja smatram kako uz snagu volje možemo naučiti kako reći ne. Naravno, ne treba uvijek reći ne, ali u nekim situacijama će nas ta mala riječ spasiti. Ja sam odlučila ovdje pred vama početi koristiti svoje vlastite savjete i ipak ponekad reći ne, za vlastito dobro.

Javi kako ti napreduješ! 😉



Where did the love go?

Last time I checked everybody was about love; friends, movies, songs, poems, essays. Well, apparently last time I checked was very long time ago. I was walking down the street today thinking about this. Love is such a beautiful thing. If you ask me the definition of love I couldn’t tell you what it is.. I’d probably say that’s that good feeling that explains nothing else. The feeling that takes you completely. So why have we stopped with love?

Let me be honest, I feel so relieved while writing about love cause it’s such a beautiful thing. At first, I couldn’t say where did love go. Then I took another few steps and realized that people don’t look at each other anymore. I passed by dozen of people and not one of them looked me in the eye. It became a bit more clear to me. We rarely love what we don’t see, don’t we? That’s why the love went away. I took another few steps. Naah, love can’t go away just because we’re not looking, it has to be something more. Maybe she wasn’t heard so that’s why she went? I glanced at a couple that was walking right towards me. The guy was talking about something with such a passion in his eyes. On the other hand, his fellow was buzzing around not even slightly paying attention to that guy. Maybe the problem is not listening? Maybe. A girl rased my shoulder quickly, she was in a rush. The only thing I’ve noticed is that she didn’t even say sorry. I thought about noticing that for a moment but decided that I should be understandful. Maybe it went away cause of the lack of basic human communication?


eisenstaedt-v-j-day.jpg Source


I took more than few steps this time, I breathed in deeply once or twice and then looked for the answer again. There it was, standing right in front of me. No word, no look or a rase can take away love. Not even forgetting to speak, look or touch can take it away. Cmon, it’s love. It didn’t go anywhere, it’s always here. But there still is an answer to my question; we’re not here, we went away. Not being here in the moment makes you not appreciate it at all. Love is where the appreciation and gratitude are.

In order for love to become what it once was, we have to make a brand of it. People like brands, and to be honest, love is a good brand. We stopped sharing love details, it’s just not cool anymore, when you’re heart bumps and hands shake. It’s cheesy. Well, in my opinion it’s not.

Share those love words and those scenes, maybe you infect the rest of humanity with it again.


Visit Montenegro – undiscovered jewel of the Adriatic

Montenegro is a small country in the south of the Adriatic, right on the border with Croatia and many other Balkan countries. Back in the 20th century it was a part of Jugoslavija and it got its’ independance in 2006. It’s rich with history, beautiful nature and lovely people. As our neighbouring country it’s not so unfamiliar to me, but for the rest of the world it’s still a bit undiscovered. There are a lot of fun facts about Montenegro and I’m going to start with the Euro. So, eventhough they’re still not the part of the European Union, Montenegro’s currency is €. The country itself is pretty cheap and extremely affordable if you’re on a low budget trip, especially during the off season.

I’ve visited Montenegro this December due to an european meeting within my student association. You can check all about that here. There weren’t a lot of people and the weather was tricky but the trip itself was amassing!

I bring you my 3 “must see” places in Montenegro:

#1 Cetinje – the Old Royal Capital (prijestolnica)

This historical town dates back to the 15th century and its’ years are written all over it. There are some roman left-overs just like everywhere in the Medditeranean :


Then there’s the Monastery of Cetinje which is pretty big and beautiful if you ask me. It’s an ortodox church and they told us that the hand of John the Baptist is kept there. Weirdly, we kinda interrupted a baptising when we came so we didn’t stick around for more.


The city of Cetinje is magical and you can easily enjoy only walking around its’ streets as I did.


There are two museums to visit : first one is Historical, Art, and Archaeology Museum of Montenegro 

Vladin_Dom_(Dom_Rządowy)_w_Cetinje_01 (

and the other one is King Nikola’s Palace.


Both of them I saw from the outside and forgot to take the photo. My group did visit the museums while I on the other hand was dying for some good coffee and that’s how I spent those few hours. Enjoying good company..

SONY DSC(portughese people explaining stuff..)

#2 Kotor – UNESCO’s World Heritage

If you thought you saw it all, you got it wrong.. The Gulf of Kotor and the city itself are so breath-taking that you’ll have to breathe in twice before we continue. I would describe it as a typical Adriatic old town, but as I already mentioned it’s much much more.. It was founded in the 5th century BC and you get the feeling that you travelled the time as soon as you enter its’ walls. All in stone, all from some other era.


On the entrance of old town Kotor there is a phrase : ” Tuđe nećemo, svoje nedamo” which is not so old as the city is however it has a good point – “What belongs to others we don’t want, ours we don’t give.”


As soon as you enter the old town the surrounding hits you hardly… I could write a lot about how it feels but my best suggestion for you is to go book a ticket right away!



Not only it’s under protection of UNESCO, but the old town of Kotor has it’s very own CATS MUSEUM which was unfortunatelly closed at that time.. If anyone has any photos of the museum inside I’d really appreciate it!


I could continue on and on about Kotor but it’s time to share my number 3 destination:

#3 Lake Skadar

Unfortunatelly, I didn’t get to see it properly but from the bus. However I firmly believe it’s worth seeing and experiencing. It looks like good nature/adventure destination to me.


We stayed in Podgorica, the capital for a week and the rest were one day trips. As for Podgorica you can find really nice bars there with cheap but great coffe, fun pubs and nice places to eat.

Of course there are many many other things that I didn’t have time to visit but are worth visiting.. so for more detailed tour in Montenegro make sure you visit their tourist office pages! I can suggest a good summer party in Budva any time, sneeking into the isle of St. Stefan and hiking in Durmitor National Park, also there are the biggest vineyards of Europe in Montenegro so don’t miss that too, the rest is up to you!




Before I die – 2018 Bucket List

Six years ago, when I was still in highschool, it was popular to make your own Before I die Facebook albums. I totally forgot I had one until today. I remember searching for photos saying what I want to do before I die and being so excited when I’d finally find them. I was just going through that album, it’s still available on my FB profile today and I saw that I’d “check” all the photos I actually did. It was my own Bucket List before I even knew what a bucket list was.

I found a lot of different stuff in there, some of them I’ve even forgotten that I wanted in the first place. Some things haven’t changed though. It’s full of travel photos, DIY photos and “own an animal” photos.

I’m gonna share with you 5 things from my old “before I  die” bucket list that I got to do and 5 things that I haven’t done yet that I’m gonna use for my 2018 Bucket List.


1. I got my first tattoo when I was 18. I still love it and I didn’t regret it.


2. Few years back I’ve decided to become UNICEFs Guardian of the childhood and I’ve continued till the day. For me it was a way of giving back to the world and hopefully helping children in Africa too.


3. They may be ugly, they may be big, but they’re so warm and comfy that I’d spend my whole life in them.


4. I moved to Zagreb in my first year of University. It’s the capital of Croatia and it’s by all Croatian standards big. And beautiful.


5. I did this in Prague with my friend Sara. Fun times…



1. This has been my wish since forever. I want to dance salsa, drink Mojito and enjoy Havana! It sounds so perfect just saying this. It got to my number 1 on the 2018 bucket list. Fingers crossed that it comes true.









2. I love my mum and I know how much she worked her butt off to get me where I am now.


3. Through the international student association I’m in, I’ve met sooo many Greek people. It’s my turn to visit them.


4. Can’t explain. Just something I’ve always wanted to do.


5. I  really think it’s time to get myself a nice camera..


I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to share what’s on your 2018 bucket list, please comment below. For more upcoming post don’t forget to subscribe!


Wire&Tire takes you around the world!

SOLO travel doesn’t have to be THAT SOLO anymore

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when I mention a bicycle? The Netherlands right? Well, this time you got it wrong. Somewhere in the middle of the Balkans there are  cycles that can take you anywhere. Or even better you can take them anywhere. They fit into your pocket or around your neck, they’re practical but still wonderfull.

No, I’m not talking about the real size bikes, I’m talking about the coolest piece of jewellery that you can own in 2018 – Wire&Tire bikes!

We’ve been together to Sardinia and Montenegro already and it was a cool experience shooting around with my bikey, so don’t miss out on getting yourself one too! They’ve even become official souvenirs of IAAS Croatia – Student Association from Croatia..

Plus, every one of them has a name, so travelling solo doesn’t have to be that solo anymore!


Sardinia – May 2017



Kotor, Montenegro – December 2017


For more Wire&Tire travels please check their FB page! Here I shared only my own travels with them, but there are a lot  of them like Paris, Africa and many many more.


Cheers 😉




My vision board for 2018

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal or few of them. You can basically make a vision board out of anything. You can even stick the photos on your walls like posters. It is a simple tool and yet people doubt it’s actual usefulness. If you’re one of those who think this is just a whole lot of crap then the joke is on you. I’ve tried it and it worked. So, what’s my history with the vision boards? I’ve been making them since I was 14 (ish). Back then my aunt started the “law of attraction” chapter of her life, along with my mother so my cousin and I basically grew up on those creative parts of learning.

Why and how to make a vision board?

As I said earlier, it helps you clarify. Mostly the stuff that you want but are not sure if you could ever have it. The things you put on don’t have to be material, it could also be a feeling like love or sth. abstract. The board helped me to embrace the self positive attitude by only looking at it. It helped me focus and not to forget my goals and wishes. It can be used in various ways, so the best thing to do is just use your own way.

I personally do my board on a small cork board that I’ve bought years ago.. I find some old magazines and go through them, pick the photos that could represent the imaginary list of wishes I have in my head and pin/stick them on the board. And Voilà! I’ve never went to buy magazines just to cut them, but if you can’t find a photo that you want in your old magazines or you just don’t have any at home, buying new magazines can be an option too. Also, you can always Google your photos and print them or if you’re more “laptop/tablet/computer” kind of person then you could do your digital vision board.

There are plenty of ways to make a vision board, you just need a little time, a vision and a board.

Below you can find my newest vision board for 2018. You know, making New Years decisions and everything? I decided to put it on my vision board this year because otherwise I’d probably forget. It is totally DIY and it’s fun!



If you have some other ideas or techniques or you just wanna share your boards with others please leave a comment ❤


The perks of being a MultiCulti

The beautiful wide world. Makes you feel full of opportunities, chances and souls.

During the last 2 years I’ve met a lot of young prosperous people from many different countries. We mostly have the same profile; students, wanting to change the world and hang out together, pushing our boundries to the fullest. It makes you open your eyes at least a little bit. Let me show you how I got from being Manuela to being MultiCulti Manuela.

It all started on a sunny day in May 2016. I met a bunch of crazy students travelling around the world on my Faculty. You already guessed, I decided to join them. Few events passed, I improved my already existing communication skills and I simply decided that’s the way of life I’m gonna live from now on. Being a MultiCulti is not only about travelling, but also about hosting the people you met and making their stay in your corner of the world the most remarkable thing ever. And about enjoying  diversities between you because there’s definitely gonna be some.

I bring you 5 things that you’ll have to get used to if being a MultiCulti:

  • Accept that you’ll never think in only one language again

Nor you will use only one language while speaking. Your brain will turn on it’s Esperanto* mode and while thinking or speaking you’ll often find yourself using words that people from your everyday life around you don’t normally understand. I mean, who’d say “to the bottom” when you can just say “koupa“. The trick is in the small amount of foreign words that completely change you and possibly make you feel better. So, yes amici, we’re definitelly ready to koupa and become borachos. You see what I mean..

*Be aware, you may not always know what are you saying while saying it.

  •  Skype will become your best friend

When you know people from different countries and different time zones you’ll often have to make sacrifices. Skype calls at 9pm. Oh you mean 4 am in Croatia. Aand vice versa :’D

  • Gatherings being games with no limits

After a certain time of not seeing each other in person you really have to catch up on everything, meaning – you’ll have to carpe that f*** diem while you’re together because you never know when you’ll meet again. Oh, and yes, don’t expect to have enough energy to continue your life when the gathering is over..

  • Saving money in order to choose

You know what you’ll be choosing right? What’s the next friend you’re gonna visit. So basically, a lot of times you’ll be forced to choose between your friends. Or maybe not, if you’re the Rockefellers.

  • Love doesn’t choose the time or place

Falling in love internationally can be a little difficult, especially if you have no intention of moving to that certain country any time soon. I’ve came across some YouTube vloggers who moved their whole life because of love. So cute. And brave. Well yes, this is also one of the things you have to concider before becoming MultiCulti. You never know when your belly butterflies are going to come to life. It also has it’s vantages. The world is wide, don’t try to shorten your horizon just because you’re scared.

I hope you decide to become a MultiCulti too. You get to learn a lot, see a lot and definitely feel all sorts of different cultures and people. So don’t be afraid of becoming a global citizen, it’s only a matter of how you see it. Be you, keep your identity but be opened to also meet the others.

And yes, welcome to the beautiful wide world. A world of many cultures, many languages and many hearts.


*Esperanto- An international auxiliary language or interlanguage is a language meant for communication between people from different nations who do not share a common first language.