Sardinia: My place on Earth

Here I am with a postponed post from my latest travel toooo……. SARDINIA! Again. Why again? Wine not? If you know what I mean…

This year I took it to the whole new level of travelling. I tried solo travel for the first time. I’ve never taken a train before, now I did it in Sardinia. By myself. Met a friend on the way. This years trip started in Venice, where I caught a plane to Olbia. From Olbia to Sassari I travelled by train (best experience ever!) and in Sassari my support club (read friends) was waiting for me.

I spent 3 beautiful days in Sassari, watched Cavalcata Sarda again, delivered one soft-skill training for the Exweek crew and had a lot of fun!

This time I had a chance to visit the mesmerising south of Sardinia. I wandered the streets of Pula, caught the sunset from the Cagliari city walls, relaxed in my friend’s amasssing beach villa in Porto Columbu and went enjoying in Cala Cipolla / Chia beach for a day. Also, I found one of my new favourite wines made by local winery called Audarya  ; Nuragus di Cagliari doc. Please do check out their FB and Instagram account, their work and, above all, their wine(s) are breathtaking!


After a short resume of what I did and where I went this time in Sardinia I want to reply to one question that I have been recently asked:

Why Sardinia again and again?

There are places on this Earth that make you feel at home, but make you tremble every time you’re there. Places where you leave pieces of your heart within people you meet there. After those kind of experiences with leaving your heart around, you must return to it. I honestly think Sardinia is THAT place for me. The people that I absolutely love, the language I can marvel in and the scenaries that take my breath away every time. No more words needed.

Don’t forget to check this times vlog: VISIT: Sardinia 2018 #MANUTRAVELS

Also, please do share your magic place on the planet Earth with me and the others! 





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