Sardinia: My place on Earth

Here I am with a postponed post from my latest travel toooo……. SARDINIA! Again. Why again? Wine not? If you know what I mean…

This year I took it to the whole new level of travelling. I tried solo travel for the first time. I’ve never taken a train before, now I did it in Sardinia. By myself. Met a friend on the way. This years trip started in Venice, where I caught a plane to Olbia. From Olbia to Sassari I travelled by train (best experience ever!) and in Sassari my support club (read friends) was waiting for me.

I spent 3 beautiful days in Sassari, watched Cavalcata Sarda again, delivered one soft-skill training for the Exweek crew and had a lot of fun!

This time I had a chance to visit the mesmerising south of Sardinia. I wandered the streets of Pula, caught the sunset from the Cagliari city walls, relaxed in my friend’s amasssing beach villa in Porto Columbu and went enjoying in Cala Cipolla / Chia beach for a day. Also, I found one of my new favourite wines made by local winery called Audarya  ; Nuragus di Cagliari doc. Please do check out their FB and Instagram account, their work and, above all, their wine(s) are breathtaking!


After a short resume of what I did and where I went this time in Sardinia I want to reply to one question that I have been recently asked:

Why Sardinia again and again?

There are places on this Earth that make you feel at home, but make you tremble every time you’re there. Places where you leave pieces of your heart within people you meet there. After those kind of experiences with leaving your heart around, you must return to it. I honestly think Sardinia is THAT place for me. The people that I absolutely love, the language I can marvel in and the scenaries that take my breath away every time. No more words needed.

Don’t forget to check this times vlog: VISIT: Sardinia 2018 #MANUTRAVELS

Also, please do share your magic place on the planet Earth with me and the others! 





The ultimate guide for a summer in CROATIA

Since I’m already writing about travelling there and everywhere, I’ve decided to write a few good tips for those who are travelling to Croatia this or any summer. I saw a lot of people online asking questions about travelling to Croatia so why not help our tourists a bit.

As you probably know I’m a fullblooded Croatian. Originally, I’m from a town called Crikvenica, situated on the Adriatic coast but currently I study in Zagreb, the capital. In my own experience, it’s always good to ask the locals about the directions of your route so let this be your ultimate guide for the summer in Croatia.

Basics of travelling to Croatia

Let’s begin with Croatia being the new TOP summer destination. This means if you’re coming to Croatia in July or August you’re likely gonna meet a lot of tourist all around. Zagreb, the capital, and the coastal Croatia included. Touristic places and a lot of tourist might be your thing, but if not you should also consider visiting this country in pre/post season : May/June or September.

Croatia is the part of European Union since 2013 so we’re not that different from the rest of the EU. Only when it comes to money, and food, and drinks. Our currency is KUNA (KN/HRK) and for 1€ you can get approx. 7,4kn depending on the season.

Travelling to and from Croatia during summer

This Mediterranean country is easily reachable by bus, train or airplane during the summer season. We have 8 airports ( Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka, Osijek and Brač) all over the country but some of them are opened only in summer. Some foreign airports are also very close to Croatian border or have a good connection with some of our towns so that can be an option too (Venice, Treviso, Ljubljana, Beograd, Budapest)…

Coming by train is an option only if you plan on coming to the capital, Zagreb, which is really good connected to the rest of the Europe. Busses go everywhere. But I mean, EVERYWHERE. Travelling inside Croatia is really easy by bus and as it’s a small country it doesn’t take that long, depending on where you’re going. Plus, there is always an option of renting a car.

Booking a place to stay

As I’ve already mentioned, Croatia is packed during July and August and it will be pretty hard to get an appartment/room you wanted if you don’t book in advance. You can do it via tourist agency or via websites with the same purpuse. So, don’t act like a smarthead but book in advance instead!

Croatian people

It’s a bit silly for me to write about me, so I’ve asked some of my foreign friends to write a few words about Croatian people. I will state, though, that we’re occasionally very proud and that a lot of us speak few languages (mostly English, German and Italian – again depending on the region you’re visiting)

“Croatians are really welcoming, however you need to earn their trust and be respectful. They’re proud of their land and their origins (this stuff reminds me a lot of us Sardinian people).  Croatians, just as their land, are tough and they never give up. All this makes them tremendously fascinating, and it makes me want to come back to find out more.” – Nicola, Sardinia, Italy
“I find Croatian people very interesting. They seem physically spanish but with a different languange.  I really like them because in general they are openminded and ready to meet new people. Regarding myself, I had the oportunity to meet 8 people from Croatia and all of them were awesome.” – Alberto, Spain

Food and beverage

Once you come to Croatia you’re gonna have to eat too (huh, you don’t say). Do not, under any circumstances, avoid local cousine/food! Our food is really amassssing and you can choose between plenty of stuff. We, as a nation, are a bit carnivores, but there’s dishes for every taste here! Try eating seasonal and local. During the summer, on the coast there are a lot of local festivals which normally include food. You can find fish in thousand different ways, shells, octopus, squids etc. Taste the country, you won’t regret it. The cousine changes as you move from one part of the country to the other, so be aware of that too!

When it comes to beverages, we Croatians like to drink. Water, wine, beer, name it we drink it! I’ll start with the water : TAP WATER IS PERFECTLY DRINKABLE IN CROATIA! As for the alcohol, we have plenty of good wines, few beers made here and another type of water that deserves special attention : RAKIJA – liquor made of whatever you grow at home basically, it’s the HOLY WATER because it’s normally transparent and kept in the water bottles (eventhough it should be kept in the glass bottle). Be careful with that one, it can trick you easily.

Croatia’s must see’s:

Disclaimer: I assure you there are more places worth seeing, I just doubt I’d manage to mention them all at once!

1. Zadar, Dalmatia


2. Vrbnik, Island Krk


3. Svetvinčenat, Istria


4. Old town Rab, Island Rab


5. National Park Krka, Dalmatia


6. Fjord Zavratnica


7. National Park Sjeverni Velebit

Velebit04 (1)

8. Dubrovnik


9. Zagreb, the capital


10. Motovun, Istria


For those who like partying I’d recommand going to Zrće, Island of Pag, also city of Split in Dalmatia and other towns on the coast!