Where did the love go?

Last time I checked everybody was about love; friends, movies, songs, poems, essays. Well, apparently last time I checked was very long time ago. I was walking down the street today thinking about this. Love is such a beautiful thing. If you ask me the definition of love I couldn’t tell you what it is.. I’d probably say that’s that good feeling that explains nothing else. The feeling that takes you completely. So why have we stopped with love?

Let me be honest, I feel so relieved while writing about love cause it’s such a beautiful thing. At first, I couldn’t say where did love go. Then I took another few steps and realized that people don’t look at each other anymore. I passed by dozen of people and not one of them looked me in the eye. It became a bit more clear to me. We rarely love what we don’t see, don’t we? That’s why the love went away. I took another few steps. Naah, love can’t go away just because we’re not looking, it has to be something more. Maybe she wasn’t heard so that’s why she went? I glanced at a couple that was walking right towards me. The guy was talking about something with such a passion in his eyes. On the other hand, his fellow was buzzing around not even slightly paying attention to that guy. Maybe the problem is not listening? Maybe. A girl rased my shoulder quickly, she was in a rush. The only thing I’ve noticed is that she didn’t even say sorry. I thought about noticing that for a moment but decided that I should be understandful. Maybe it went away cause of the lack of basic human communication?


eisenstaedt-v-j-day.jpg Source


I took more than few steps this time, I breathed in deeply once or twice and then looked for the answer again. There it was, standing right in front of me. No word, no look or a rase can take away love. Not even forgetting to speak, look or touch can take it away. Cmon, it’s love. It didn’t go anywhere, it’s always here. But there still is an answer to my question; we’re not here, we went away. Not being here in the moment makes you not appreciate it at all. Love is where the appreciation and gratitude are.

In order for love to become what it once was, we have to make a brand of it. People like brands, and to be honest, love is a good brand. We stopped sharing love details, it’s just not cool anymore, when you’re heart bumps and hands shake. It’s cheesy. Well, in my opinion it’s not.

Share those love words and those scenes, maybe you infect the rest of humanity with it again.



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