Visit Montenegro – undiscovered jewel of the Adriatic

Montenegro is a small country in the south of the Adriatic, right on the border with Croatia and many other Balkan countries. Back in the 20th century it was a part of Jugoslavija and it got its’ independance in 2006. It’s rich with history, beautiful nature and lovely people. As our neighbouring country it’s not so unfamiliar to me, but for the rest of the world it’s still a bit undiscovered. There are a lot of fun facts about Montenegro and I’m going to start with the Euro. So, eventhough they’re still not the part of the European Union, Montenegro’s currency is €. The country itself is pretty cheap and extremely affordable if you’re on a low budget trip, especially during the off season.

I’ve visited Montenegro this December due to an european meeting within my student association. You can check all about that here. There weren’t a lot of people and the weather was tricky but the trip itself was amassing!

I bring you my 3 “must see” places in Montenegro:

#1 Cetinje – the Old Royal Capital (prijestolnica)

This historical town dates back to the 15th century and its’ years are written all over it. There are some roman left-overs just like everywhere in the Medditeranean :


Then there’s the Monastery of Cetinje which is pretty big and beautiful if you ask me. It’s an ortodox church and they told us that the hand of John the Baptist is kept there. Weirdly, we kinda interrupted a baptising when we came so we didn’t stick around for more.


The city of Cetinje is magical and you can easily enjoy only walking around its’ streets as I did.


There are two museums to visit : first one is Historical, Art, and Archaeology Museum of Montenegro 

Vladin_Dom_(Dom_Rządowy)_w_Cetinje_01 (

and the other one is King Nikola’s Palace.


Both of them I saw from the outside and forgot to take the photo. My group did visit the museums while I on the other hand was dying for some good coffee and that’s how I spent those few hours. Enjoying good company..

SONY DSC(portughese people explaining stuff..)

#2 Kotor – UNESCO’s World Heritage

If you thought you saw it all, you got it wrong.. The Gulf of Kotor and the city itself are so breath-taking that you’ll have to breathe in twice before we continue. I would describe it as a typical Adriatic old town, but as I already mentioned it’s much much more.. It was founded in the 5th century BC and you get the feeling that you travelled the time as soon as you enter its’ walls. All in stone, all from some other era.


On the entrance of old town Kotor there is a phrase : ” Tuđe nećemo, svoje nedamo” which is not so old as the city is however it has a good point – “What belongs to others we don’t want, ours we don’t give.”


As soon as you enter the old town the surrounding hits you hardly… I could write a lot about how it feels but my best suggestion for you is to go book a ticket right away!



Not only it’s under protection of UNESCO, but the old town of Kotor has it’s very own CATS MUSEUM which was unfortunatelly closed at that time.. If anyone has any photos of the museum inside I’d really appreciate it!


I could continue on and on about Kotor but it’s time to share my number 3 destination:

#3 Lake Skadar

Unfortunatelly, I didn’t get to see it properly but from the bus. However I firmly believe it’s worth seeing and experiencing. It looks like good nature/adventure destination to me.


We stayed in Podgorica, the capital for a week and the rest were one day trips. As for Podgorica you can find really nice bars there with cheap but great coffe, fun pubs and nice places to eat.

Of course there are many many other things that I didn’t have time to visit but are worth visiting.. so for more detailed tour in Montenegro make sure you visit their tourist office pages! I can suggest a good summer party in Budva any time, sneeking into the isle of St. Stefan and hiking in Durmitor National Park, also there are the biggest vineyards of Europe in Montenegro so don’t miss that too, the rest is up to you!





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