Before I die – 2018 Bucket List

Six years ago, when I was still in highschool, it was popular to make your own Before I die Facebook albums. I totally forgot I had one until today. I remember searching for photos saying what I want to do before I die and being so excited when I’d finally find them. I was just going through that album, it’s still available on my FB profile today and I saw that I’d “check” all the photos I actually did. It was my own Bucket List before I even knew what a bucket list was.

I found a lot of different stuff in there, some of them I’ve even forgotten that I wanted in the first place. Some things haven’t changed though. It’s full of travel photos, DIY photos and “own an animal” photos.

I’m gonna share with you 5 things from my old “before I  die” bucket list that I got to do and 5 things that I haven’t done yet that I’m gonna use for my 2018 Bucket List.


1. I got my first tattoo when I was 18. I still love it and I didn’t regret it.


2. Few years back I’ve decided to become UNICEFs Guardian of the childhood and I’ve continued till the day. For me it was a way of giving back to the world and hopefully helping children in Africa too.


3. They may be ugly, they may be big, but they’re so warm and comfy that I’d spend my whole life in them.


4. I moved to Zagreb in my first year of University. It’s the capital of Croatia and it’s by all Croatian standards big. And beautiful.


5. I did this in Prague with my friend Sara. Fun times…



1. This has been my wish since forever. I want to dance salsa, drink Mojito and enjoy Havana! It sounds so perfect just saying this. It got to my number 1 on the 2018 bucket list. Fingers crossed that it comes true.









2. I love my mum and I know how much she worked her butt off to get me where I am now.


3. Through the international student association I’m in, I’ve met sooo many Greek people. It’s my turn to visit them.


4. Can’t explain. Just something I’ve always wanted to do.


5. I  really think it’s time to get myself a nice camera..


I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to share what’s on your 2018 bucket list, please comment below. For more upcoming post don’t forget to subscribe!



Wire&Tire takes you around the world!

SOLO travel doesn’t have to be THAT SOLO anymore

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when I mention a bicycle? The Netherlands right? Well, this time you got it wrong. Somewhere in the middle of the Balkans there are  cycles that can take you anywhere. Or even better you can take them anywhere. They fit into your pocket or around your neck, they’re practical but still wonderfull.

No, I’m not talking about the real size bikes, I’m talking about the coolest piece of jewellery that you can own in 2018 – Wire&Tire bikes!

We’ve been together to Sardinia and Montenegro already and it was a cool experience shooting around with my bikey, so don’t miss out on getting yourself one too! They’ve even become official souvenirs of IAAS Croatia – Student Association from Croatia..

Plus, every one of them has a name, so travelling solo doesn’t have to be that solo anymore!


Sardinia – May 2017



Kotor, Montenegro – December 2017


For more Wire&Tire travels please check their FB page! Here I shared only my own travels with them, but there are a lot  of them like Paris, Africa and many many more.


Cheers 😉




My vision board for 2018

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal or few of them. You can basically make a vision board out of anything. You can even stick the photos on your walls like posters. It is a simple tool and yet people doubt it’s actual usefulness. If you’re one of those who think this is just a whole lot of crap then the joke is on you. I’ve tried it and it worked. So, what’s my history with the vision boards? I’ve been making them since I was 14 (ish). Back then my aunt started the “law of attraction” chapter of her life, along with my mother so my cousin and I basically grew up on those creative parts of learning.

Why and how to make a vision board?

As I said earlier, it helps you clarify. Mostly the stuff that you want but are not sure if you could ever have it. The things you put on don’t have to be material, it could also be a feeling like love or sth. abstract. The board helped me to embrace the self positive attitude by only looking at it. It helped me focus and not to forget my goals and wishes. It can be used in various ways, so the best thing to do is just use your own way.

I personally do my board on a small cork board that I’ve bought years ago.. I find some old magazines and go through them, pick the photos that could represent the imaginary list of wishes I have in my head and pin/stick them on the board. And Voilà! I’ve never went to buy magazines just to cut them, but if you can’t find a photo that you want in your old magazines or you just don’t have any at home, buying new magazines can be an option too. Also, you can always Google your photos and print them or if you’re more “laptop/tablet/computer” kind of person then you could do your digital vision board.

There are plenty of ways to make a vision board, you just need a little time, a vision and a board.

Below you can find my newest vision board for 2018. You know, making New Years decisions and everything? I decided to put it on my vision board this year because otherwise I’d probably forget. It is totally DIY and it’s fun!



If you have some other ideas or techniques or you just wanna share your boards with others please leave a comment ❤