The perks of being a MultiCulti

The beautiful wide world. Makes you feel full of opportunities, chances and souls.

During the last 2 years I’ve met a lot of young prosperous people from many different countries. We mostly have the same profile; students, wanting to change the world and hang out together, pushing our boundries to the fullest. It makes you open your eyes at least a little bit. Let me show you how I got from being Manuela to being MultiCulti Manuela.

It all started on a sunny day in May 2016. I met a bunch of crazy students travelling around the world on my Faculty. You already guessed, I decided to join them. Few events passed, I improved my already existing communication skills and I simply decided that’s the way of life I’m gonna live from now on. Being a MultiCulti is not only about travelling, but also about hosting the people you met and making their stay in your corner of the world the most remarkable thing ever. And about enjoying  diversities between you because there’s definitely gonna be some.

I bring you 5 things that you’ll have to get used to if being a MultiCulti:

  • Accept that you’ll never think in only one language again

Nor you will use only one language while speaking. Your brain will turn on it’s Esperanto* mode and while thinking or speaking you’ll often find yourself using words that people from your everyday life around you don’t normally understand. I mean, who’d say “to the bottom” when you can just say “koupa“. The trick is in the small amount of foreign words that completely change you and possibly make you feel better. So, yes amici, we’re definitelly ready to koupa and become borachos. You see what I mean..

*Be aware, you may not always know what are you saying while saying it.

  •  Skype will become your best friend

When you know people from different countries and different time zones you’ll often have to make sacrifices. Skype calls at 9pm. Oh you mean 4 am in Croatia. Aand vice versa :’D

  • Gatherings being games with no limits

After a certain time of not seeing each other in person you really have to catch up on everything, meaning – you’ll have to carpe that f*** diem while you’re together because you never know when you’ll meet again. Oh, and yes, don’t expect to have enough energy to continue your life when the gathering is over..

  • Saving money in order to choose

You know what you’ll be choosing right? What’s the next friend you’re gonna visit. So basically, a lot of times you’ll be forced to choose between your friends. Or maybe not, if you’re the Rockefellers.

  • Love doesn’t choose the time or place

Falling in love internationally can be a little difficult, especially if you have no intention of moving to that certain country any time soon. I’ve came across some YouTube vloggers who moved their whole life because of love. So cute. And brave. Well yes, this is also one of the things you have to concider before becoming MultiCulti. You never know when your belly butterflies are going to come to life. It also has it’s vantages. The world is wide, don’t try to shorten your horizon just because you’re scared.

I hope you decide to become a MultiCulti too. You get to learn a lot, see a lot and definitely feel all sorts of different cultures and people. So don’t be afraid of becoming a global citizen, it’s only a matter of how you see it. Be you, keep your identity but be opened to also meet the others.

And yes, welcome to the beautiful wide world. A world of many cultures, many languages and many hearts.


*Esperanto- An international auxiliary language or interlanguage is a language meant for communication between people from different nations who do not share a common first language. 







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