Oh Switzerland, I’ve never thought to have you as a friend..

Four languages, dozens of cheeses and hundreds of mountains.

Let’s just say I experienced these 4 languages in one day and it’s a bit confusing. Everyone already knows their famous cheeses so in this occasion I’ll leave that out. But the mountains, oh the mountaines – that was one of the most mesmerising experiences I’ve ever had. I spent few days in Switzerland, saw a lot of things and met some really good people. So let’s begin!

So, I started the jounery from my homeland Croatia, through Italy and ended up in Switzerland. I spent most of the time in canton Ticino, as we were visiting some old friends of my dad there. We’ve stopped in Basel for few hours and spent a nice evening in Delemont.

Switzerland has it’s own way of remembering I have to admit. You expect almost nothing and get so much by only passing through it’s inlands. The people are different in every and each canton I’ve visited but the main picture is the same. Some of them are a bit stuffy but the most of them are extremely lovely – it depends on a person of course and wherever you go it will be like that.

During our stay all the houses and buildings we’re decorated with at least one Swiss flag which I’ve found really interesting. The reason was Swiss National Day that is celebrated on 1st of August. Every bigger town has fireworks and it’s a pretty big deal and nice party there.


So here are some of the things I visited during my stay in Switzerland. Although it was a short one I’ve got to see enough things to fall in love, but am definitely planning to go again soon.

  1. Passo del San Gottardo / St Gotthard Pass / Der Gotthardpass

Let me first tell you a story how we ended up 2.106 m high. There’s a tunnel – St Gotthard – which is 17km long and connects cantons of Uri and Ticino. Apparently, during the high traffic season Switzerland has a strange way of controlling it, so we waited for 2h only to enter Gotthard. Once we did, it was 17km of slow driving and no air. Don’t panic, it’s not so bad. It wouldn’t be bad at all if we hadn’t waited for 2h in front of it.

This was on our way to Basel, on our way  back the traffic jam was even worse so we decided to go across the mountain insted of through it. And here begins the tipical Heidi story. Green meadows, cute alpine houses and beautiful river creeks. Welcome to the Saint Gotthard mountain : 



2. Swiss Monte Carlo – Lugano, Ticino

I don’t even know  how to describe it with words. In this case I can say the photo’s are just enough. Beautiful town on the lake, you get the feeling it’s actually the sea. Charming little streets full of all kind of shops. It just owns a soul.


3. Delémont, Jura

This little town has a soul. It’s very very peaceful and people are calm. They’re also really friendly and welcoming. I went for a beer with my swiss friend and an old man heard us speaking in english and ended up wishing us a nice stay in Delemont. It was so cute! Also, this town owns a pretty little square where that bar we went to is and I just fell in love with it.


4. Basel, Basel

We went to meet our cousin that lives there… Nice city, bigger than Lugano and Delemont for sure. Lost a little bit of it’s charm in it’s size but is still really really nice to visit. We went for a beer in an Irish pub, great beer even greater price. We walked along the river Rhine and the view is just stunning! The old town is all about restauranst and coasy shops which is followed by a lot of people but that’s where Basel gets it’s charm!


5. Swissminiatur, Melide, Ticino

As I didn’t have the chance to see whole Switzerland in this one time, we decided to visit Swissminiatour. It’s like Minimundus in Klagenfurt, only swiss version. You basically get to see over 200 monuments/buildings/or anything connected to Switzerland. I fell in love with Heidi’s village of course and promised myself that I’d visit it in real size soon.


Follow me on YouTube for more vlogs that are coming. Swiss one coming soon!



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