The elixir of a long life hidden in the Mediterranean

The ElixirOfLuck went in a search for another of it’s kind, elixir of a long life, and we found it in Sardegna. Sardinia / Sardegna  is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea ( after Sicily ) and an autonomous region of Italy. It is also one of the blue zones of the world – Sardinian people are thought to be the healthiest and the ones who live the longest. These were some googled facts, let’s check if it’s really like that!

I spent 10 days in May 2017 on this beautiful island. We were in group of 7, Croatian students, going for an exchange week in Sardinia. We flew across the Italy and landed in Alghero, charming little city and there began my Sardinian adventure. Instead of listing every thing I did for that 10 days I’m gonna write you what enthused me the most.

I give my no. 1 to Sardinian people – if you meet someone from Sardinia and you tell them they’re Italian they’ll get highly offended. Well, they have full right to do that! Sardi / Sardinians are really special kind of people. I would definitely list them as less loud and even more leggiero than the rest of the country. When I first met the crew we were having the ExWeek with, I thought this will be easy; I speak Italian. Well, apparently I don’t, at least not their kind of Italian ; Sardo. In 10 days I got used to it and it started to seem so cool at one point.

The thing that intrigued me the most was how self-aware they are, how much they love their Island and are eager to preserve it. The way they talk about their land and their food is so astonishing that you wish you were born a Sardo. We had some Agricultural visits during the stay there and have met some wonderful people who welcomed us with some of their amazing products and a warm smile.

I’ll take the opportunity here and introduce them to you because I really think you should visit their properties and try what they offer.

  1. Cantina Sa Pruna – Jerzu


You can visit their Facebook page by clicking on the name written above the picture.  Family Serra hosted us at dinner with a lot of their special Sardinian elixir of long life – Cannonau.

2. Nuraghe Crabioni


This is a sample that I brought home to my parents, but for more information on their vines you can click on the name above and it will link you directly to their webpage.

Well, under no.1 we sorted people and vines. I’ll give my number 2 to Sardinian beaches. Unfortunatelly, I saw only two of them because of our schedule and the fact that it was May. I got to see Lido di Orri and La Pelosa- Stintino, those two beaches were nice, the water was up to the knee for 1km or so, but I survived. The sand is white as I’ve actually never seen it before, but it’s texture could be compared to flavour so it can get messy afterwards. I know I couldn’t get rid of it for a while…



My number 3 goes to Cavalcata Sarda in Sassari. I was lucky enough to be on the Island in the time of their traditional “carnival” – Cavalcata. A lot of interesting folk costumes, a lot of young people participating in it and a lot of beautifully trainer horses too. I spent few hours on the streets of Sassari just watching the parade pass and it was the most remarkable part of whole Sardinia for me. It gave me the chance to see their past, present and their future in only one event.


And the last but not the least, the little island Asinara tightly attached to Sardinia. We went there by a ferry and spent almost the whole day on Asinara. The island is virtually uninhabited ; it was named after their only habitants – donkeys (italian – asilo). But not usual donkeys, the white donkeys that live only there. We went around the island with them and they were pretty friendly. On the island there is a little pharmaceutic company FarmAsinara that makes skin-care products made of donkey milk or etheric oil of plants that grow there.. Definitely check them out! I got myself after-shower oil and am more than content with it!


I hope you visit Sardegna once if you still haven’t. It won’t disappoint you!

Also, feel free to check my vlog from Sardinia and if you like it, give it a thumbs up! : Check the vlog now!




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