Routine vs. Inspiring actions

Routine, that hell of a thing that weakens your body and destroys your spirit. Over the years I tryed to learn how to manage both routine and experiences. There’s no such thing as doing both. Believe me I’ve tried. You get to the point where you’re just stuck in your comfort zone and you’re not planning to get out of it. Then you realize nothing’s changing eventhough you want it to. In this moment/situation you have two choices. Either you’re going to continue to do whatever you’re doing and stay miserable forever or you’ll actually try to change something. It doesn’t have to be anything big. For starters, do something you really like. And stop making excuses, those won’t help.

I feel you,  being on a crossroad. I’m feeling the same lately. So much stuff to do, not enough time for enything, ever. At one point I even stopped doing things I like. My life suddenly became so grey, so sad. You do only the things you must, you go only where you’re supposed to go. No more things you like or want. Dammit, I really screwed up this time, didn’t I?

Well, let’s clean that mess up with a bunch of good thoughts and it will all go away. Nope. Disagree. Yeah, good thoughts help alot, but I’m pretty sure I need to take some actions too. No new actions, no different results. That’s just the way it is.

First action was definitely pulling my lazy butt together and writing this post after a long time. Second action : Make a plan Manuela! You really need it. Everybody does. Just don’t plan  every second of your life ( you’ll get miserable again). Make a list. The list of all things you want in life ( put that in a first row), now write what you think you have to do to fullfill those wishes and desires, to acomplish those goals ( make that a 2nd row). Now, stick to it. Don’t go off track so easely. Please, don’t.     Actions DONE.

How many of you have felt disorientated lately ? Feel free to let me know.

All my love,